Friday, December 17, 2004

Strength training

Today I asked one of the serious strength trainers at the gym a question about what I should do to strengthen my arms. At first, he seemd a little irritated that I interrupted his concentration. But then he pointed me in the right direction and mumbled something about which machine to use. So, after I had done one rep on it, he came over to show me how to do it right. Apparently, I wasn't using proper technique. He then walked me over to other machines and proceeded to teach me what I should be doing. He was so cool....he worked with me for an hour and a half and showed me strength training for 7 different muscle groups in my arms and shoulders!! MI'm really tired from it all.....but I feel great! While I was working my triceps, I started praying to Jesus; thanking him for giving me the endurance to do what I was doing. Just as I reached the last two reps ("T" was having me do five reps of 10 or 12 or 20), where I would usually have a lot of trouble and would be [i]really[/i] shakey, I felt as if someone had put their hand on the weights bar and lifted it for me. I looked up, expecting to see T doing it to help me out, but he wasn't. I really feel like I was getting divine help. It was a little reminder that He will be there for us when we need his strength.

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