Tuesday, December 14, 2004

How to make a center-pull ball

A friend of mine, Laurette, recently taught me to make a center-pull ball with my yarn, rather than letting the skein get tangled up or having the traditional yarn ball rolling around the bag or on the floor while I'm working on a project. I have been using one of the balls and it is SO convenient! The ball sits flat on the table, couch, or in my bag...it doesn't move around or get tangled up! The yarn comes out of the center without any problems. I love it!!

This center-pull ball is just the coolest thing. Yep, it's easy to entertain me these days. :) Anyway, here's some pics and instructions to help you make your own center-pull ball!

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Anonymous said...

Howdy, Laurette here. My DH's southern gramma taught me how to make that ball when I was just a young, thin newlywed. You would have loved her wise and wonderful ways. I usually start the ball winding a figure 8 onto my thumb and pointer finger on the left hand, keeping a generous tail tucked in the palm of my hand the whole time. Rather have a pesky tail than have to hunt for it! Keep your ball soft, not too tight so your yarn stays relaxed. Then you can squish it into a flatter shape if you like. "Mammaw" would have been proud of you, Rayleen!