Thursday, December 23, 2010

So you say

I have been sick lately. Actually, this cold is connected to the cold I got back before Halloween. So last week I finally went to the doctor and had a lung x-ray to find out that I only had a chest cold compounded by asthma. I always feel cheesey about going to a doctor for something as simple as a cold.

Yesterday I got a phone call from the doctor's office. "The radiologist found a high density mass in your lung x-ray. It could be a shadow or it could be a tumor." Why do I always get the people with crappy bedside manners? (Like the time my gyn told me I probably had cervical cancer, "the kind that's impossible to treat.")

So I went in right away and had a CT scan with iodine dye (which make you feel like you are peeing your pants) and I was inserted into what appeared to be a large donut.

"Good news," said the doctor. "You have pneumonia."

Nope, no tumor.


the queen said...

Okay, did they tell you first that it would feel like you were peeing your pants, or did they wait for you to alert them? My nurses must have thought it was fun to see peoples faces.

Lisa said...

Er, congratulations on the pneumonia! Antibiotics will do wonders for that, and it's SO much better than the alternative. Sorry you are feeling low & hope you recover quickly. Happy Holidays!

I, er....Hi. I'm Rayleen. said...

Actually they warned me first and when I interrupted them and said, "Oh, there it is! The peeing sensation!" they said that I felt it long before most people. That made me wonder a bit about my girl parts. But then I felt like throwing up and I forgot about the warmth between my legs.

Hope you both have a great Christmas!

Viki said...

Oh, thank god! I was holding my breath throughout the post hoping for a happy outcome. I hope now that you know what is wrong you will get the proper treatment and start to feel better.

Have a happy holiday, my friend!

dawn said...

Wow, somehow I never imagined myself saying it's awesome that you have pneumonia! Hope you start feeling better soon!