Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot. Can't think clearly. Notes:

  • I can't believe how hot it's gotten this week. Sure, I love me some warm weather, but 105degree's is a little high! My neighbors showed me a fun place to swim in the McKenzie river, thankfully. We spent some time cooling off there today. We're planning on going back tomorrow since it's supposed to get even hotter.

  • I feel bad for the cats, they drape their little bodies all over the furniture, on the floor, up against the walls, etc. I dipped Simba's paws in cool water a couple times. He wasn't too excited about that, as I'm sure you've guessed, but he came back to me for loves so I guess it wasn't that traumatic. Any ideas on how I can keep them cool? They have two water bowls that we occasionally drop ice into.

  • We bought one of those intake/exhaust fans tonight in hopes it would get some of the heat out of the house. The past couple mornings, it's been warmer in the house at 8am then it was outside. Short of installing an AC unit, I hope this does the trick. We're thinking of sleeping in the living room so we can leave all the windows and screen door open and hopefully air the place out.

  • I've finally gotten to the point where I don't mind going bra-less. It's taken nine months of living in redneck/hippy town and it's finally gotten to me. Either that or it's too hot. Or maybe it's the hot weather tops I've been wearing that heave neat built in bra's in them. I've also started wearing more clingy clothes which show off my fat. I'm too hot to care.

  • My bad ankle keeps popping in the back part of my foot/heel area. It hurts like hell with every pop. It's been doing this three or four times a day since the weather heated up.

  • Am running the laptop on battery only since it dims the screen and these stupid flying bugs aren't attracted to it that way. If I leave it plugged in, I get pelted with bugs flying in my face.

  • When visiting Mom a few weeks ago, I tried some of her Suave shampoo. My hair was amazingly soft and shiny! Even my Aunt Elaine commented about how shiny it was. So I bought more tonight, the coconut stuff. I hope it turns into a good thing, 'cause it's so cheap!

  • It's after midnight and 90 degree's inside.

    ChristyH said...

    Well don't send that heat my way. That just sounds too hot.

    Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

    I LOVE Suave shampoo. If you use coupons, you can get each bottle for $0.50. But even without a coupon, it is still cheap. BTW, I hope going bra-less is not the first step to going topless :P.

    dawn said...

    Ughhh I know...you know it's hot when I've lost the will to knit.

    Kath said...

    I try to keep my kitties cool by giving them a good brushing and then following with wiping them down with a dampened towel. Even the one that hates water will go along with it, 'cause it feels so darn good I guess!