Sunday, April 19, 2009


While mowing the lawn today, this cute garter snake kept making an appearance. We first saw him slithering over by the house trying desperately to find a place to hide. Apparently we disturbed his afternoon nap in the sun. He finally made it over to the deck and hid underneath.

I sat on the deck while Apollo mowed and the snake kept peaking out and quickly darting back under until he decided I was safe. I saw him so often I named him Sam.

I barely got one photo of him with my cell while he rested in the sun. I sure hope to see brave little Sam again!

Later, Apollo almost grabbed a hand full of snake while pulling a pile of sticky weed up from beside the side-yard gate. The snake didn't move but Apollo jumped backwards as if something was trying to bite him. It's pretty funny to see a big man jump back and yelp because of something the size of a small stick. Eventually the snake moved on but only after I touched him. Apollo kept his distance.

Both snakes were dark brown with a small red stripe (or maybe two) down the top and a light colored belly. We used to call them red racers, but I'm not sure if that's their true name.

I don't mind snakes because they eat bugs that would otherwise eat our garden. It was also suggested that the snakes would be a Mom-deterrent. :)

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