Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow, steak and disbelief

Much to most people's surprise, we got some snow this month. Because we're in the valley, we usually only get rain, rain and more rain. But a week or so before Christmas we got three inches of snow on two different occasions. The city was practically paralyzed in disbelief and most people stayed home.

I love the snow because it's so beautiful and because I don't have to drive anywhere in it or feed any ungrateful cows in snow and ice after dragging bales of hay half a mile up the road and wheelbarrowing water brought up from the creek in buckets. Not that I am bitter. However, there's a reason I do not live near a cow and love a good steak.

So while we had snow, we didn't drive our car because we don't have studs or chains. Instead, Aimee took the opportunity to drive her jeep (otherwise known as Roger) on errands.

One day she asked if I wanted to ride along with her to finish up some Christmas shopping. Of course I was game, I wanted to check out all the snow! As I packed up the sock I was knitting, she said, "I think the sock will be here when you get back." I was stunned as I realized the magnitude of the statement she had made. Obviously, I had failed her somehow as a knitter! I could see that she has some way to go before knitting is truly a drug of choice and she is fully addicted. Needless to say, the knitting went with me. I peacefully knit while waiting outside for her in the jeep, watching people skid by on ice and children play in snow.

The next day we went to a yarn store where Aimee bought the yarn for her Oregon Duck scarf and some nice Malabrigo for a hat. It may take some time but I'm sure Aimee will catch up with the rest of us addicts!

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