Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm back online! Well, I've had Internet Access for a couple weeks after we upgraded from dial-up but I always felt like I was bugging Aimee when I used her computer. It may have had something to do with the constant staring and heavy sighs coming from her direction (just kidding). My new computer arrived yesterday and today I've spent hours uploading photos and checking websites I haven't read in months. I feel human again! I can finally contact all my friends back home, check my bank accounts, track packages, upload photos, peruse knitting patterns...yes, life is good!

I've never owned a Christmas Cactus before because they make me think old ladies (shut up Faythe, you're next!). But I couldn't resist the delicate yet brightly colored petals and picked this one up at a local hardware store. In contrast to the snow we got last week, they provided a nice punch of color to the view of our backyard.

The small glass bottles on the sill contain seeds from a squash and various peppers. Mom gave us dried peppers with instructions to separate the seeds for our garden. I'm not sure if we need this many peppers but I dutifully separated the seeds and consequently got welts on my face from oil contamination. I even made a concerted effort not to touch my face but within five minutes I had burning pink welts in various areas - some too close to my eyes to make me comfortable. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the peppers.

Anyway, I need to get off this computer. I can't stop sneezing and I SWEAR I'm not going to get sneeze juice on this monitor like I did my work computer. Ha!

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