Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Storm Watch 2011

Here we sit on the even of The Great Storm. Everyone is a flutter about the snow and freaking out. The city is on alert, plow schedules are published, schools ready to close at the sign of an inch of snow....we are ready.

Apollo bought a pizza from Costco in the event we're snowed in by a few inches of the regions worst, most horrifying white stuff. We have leftover spaghetti to last us through the weekend. Our tanks are full of gas and cell phones set to text each other at the first sign of school closure.

Apollo is ready to build a snow man, even if that means rolling each piece of the snowman up and down the street until he gets enough to build to his inner child's content.

Yep, you can tell we don't get much snow. Meanwhile, states like Louisiana and Texas are getting heaps of snow. We've felt robbed for quite a while. We want our snow! And if that means overpreparing and letting our working ourselves into a frenzy, we'll do it!


Anonymous said...

That's cool..

Check this out:

Jayant said...

Greetings from New Delhi, India!
We can just dream about having that kind of snow here. We do get Summers, Winter and Rain in plenty but snow has eluded us forever.
Keep up with the updates. Nice to know how common people sitting thousands of miles away from us feel. :)