Monday, October 26, 2009

Two ways yarn made me smile today

  • Yesterday, the website contacted me and asked if I would be willing to share a photo of one of my hats with them. A hat specifically designed by Jared Flood aka Brooklyntweed to go along with an article written about him on their site. Of course, I am honored to share! They put up the photo today with all the other beautiful Brooklyntweed projects. Don't forget to check the Spotlight section to read about Jared! (I need to find that hat too because I'm either going to pick up stitches on the brim and add on to the ribbing, or I'm going to rip it out and lengthen the ribbing and then knit the cables all over again. I know. Crazy.)

  • Today we purchased a rather large item (OK look I am on a budget and had to buy a 5 piece dining set that came in a huge box and we had to put everything together ourselves) and after cramming it in its huge box into the trunk, realized we needed some rope or something to tie down the trunk lid. Apollo almost went inside the store buy some bungee cords when I thought, surely I must have yarn in my purse that would work just as well! After some rummaging, I found the leg of a dinosaur I had knit, ripped it apart and gave it to Apollo (who wasn't phased by this) to make the appropriate tie down. Who would have thought a knitted dinosaur leg would come in handy! Also, I don't know why a dinosaur leg was in my purse.


Lisa said...

Way to go, Rayleen! Nice to have your lovely hat featured on their site.

Clever re-purposing of the dinosaur leg, too. You don't need to explain to ME why it's normal to have a dino leg in your purse. At least, not when it's a knitted one.

AnnasMomma said...

your post made me laugh! A dinosaur leg is so something you would find in my purse!